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Check Paper

Not all  paper is created the same and not all Check Paper will work with your check writing software. Order Check Paper that is appropriate for the version of accounting or check writing software that you are using. Most forms of Check Paper will be standard and universal, but bear in mind that most software programs are updated periodically. So, check your userís manual to see which version you are using and whether or not that version has limited compatibility with certain types of Check Paper.

It is not uncommon to have problems getting information to line up on checks. This is not always a problem with the paper that you are using. In most instances there are problems with the printer feeding the paper into the machine or the registration inside the printer. To eliminate any printer issues you should consider having your printer cleaned and maintained.

Software and Check Paper

Purchase and install check-printing software as a stand alone program or as an add-on with your specific accounting program. There are a number of check-printing software programs that are compatible with most accounting programs. Again, be sure to check the compatibility of the check printing software with the version of your accounting program. Your userís manual should provide the information about compatibility. These programs work in conjunction with most accounting programs, taking the account information from your accounting program and transferring them to the check printing software before you begin to print using your Check Paper.


Using Check Paper with QuickBooks

Select "File," and then select "Print Forms" in QuickBooks. From here, select the option for "Checks," and then select "Checks to Print." The check-printing software will take over to allow you to print the full blank check, including the account number and routing number for each check. Don't forget to use a MICR Toner Cartridge in your laser printer. Without MICR (stands for magnetic ink character recognition) the automated sorters and readers at the bank can't read the routing numbers at the bottom of your check and will have to process your checks manually and could access your account substantial service fees.

Choose the bank account number for the check (i.e., the account where the money noted on the Check Paper will come from). This account should already be set up in QuickBooks. Verify that the routing number is included, and if it isnít, add the correct routing number. Be sure to review this carefully, as the routing number sends the check to the right location for withdrawing the funds.

Select the printer that you will use, and then select the option to print. Make sure the checks are aligned correctly for your printer, and review the checks once printed. If you are unsure of how to align the paper, complete a trial-run with regular printer paper before starting to print.

Things to look for in Check Paper

When it comes to quality Check Paper there are a few security features that you will want to make sure is included in what you are looking to purchase.



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Check Paper


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