HP Color Toner

HP Color Toner

Are you considering the purchase of an HP Color Toner? We are here to help! One of the most important aspects of your purchase that you probably didn't know about HP Printers is that over 78% of all printers in use today are HP. With that in mind you were correct in your purchase of an HP brand printer. Now that you have the most widely used printer in the world you need to find the most widely sought after cartridge. This at times is no easy task. HP Cartridges are available world wide almost everywhere. But the problem is the price is controlled by HP. Several years ago HP partnered with the largest office supply store in the world (Staples) and struck an interesting business arrangement. At the time Staples was selling compatible or remanufactured HP Color Toner. To the dismay of HP with reduced residual sales on their most popular product HP made a business move that has virtually wiped out thousands of stores. Think about what it would have done if HP were to strike the same deal with Wal-Mart.

The proposal HP made to Staples was in exchange for Staples discontinuing all of their HP remanufactured Print Cartridges HP would in exchange make available HP Printers at cost plus shipping and give Staples a rebate per printer that would help to generate profit from the sales. HP would also give Staples the absolute lowest price on all HP Product prices and would not make those prices available to any other companies. To help reinforce this best pricing policy HP announced to all current partners selling their cartridges at the time of this business arrangement that if they were caught deviating from the suggested retail price their partnership would be immediately terminated and they would not be allowed to offer the HP product line.

What appears to be a desperate effort to keep companies from offering the remanufactured HP cartridge, HP encouraged Staples to collect all used HP cartridges and give a rebate towards the purchase of new HP Cartridges. HP started an effective campaign against remanufactures claiming the cartridges failed at a rate of 1 out of every 3. Basically the real problem is the fact that for every remanufactured cartridge that is sold HP loses it's residual income and that would cause the whole business plan to come unraveled at the very seams that it was originally designed.

Different HP Color Toner

There are basically 2 types of HP Color Toner - Original and Remanufactured. (That is until HP can successfully retrieve all of the used cartridge cores.) Basically the Original HP Cartridge is also called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). This is the same universally throughout the world of commerce whether it pertains to cars, mowers, appliances, computers or anywhere there is an alternative to the original. Then there are remanufactured where someone will use the core of the used Original cartridge and replace all of the worn parts to operate the same as the original. Often remanufactured cartridges go through quality tests to ensure the cartridge will perform as good if not better than the original HP Cartridge.

The HP LaserJet is a toner or powder based cartridge that holds quite a bit of toner to allow extended printing at a much faster speed than that of the inkjet type of printer that can use quite a bit of ink in no time. These machines were designed for the small, medium and large business applications. Through the years the size and price of the HP LaserJet has dropped quite a bit and has now become more widely favored in small home offices. Some of the more popular HP LaserJet Color Toner are:

(Click here for the HP Color Toner Cartridge Chart)

(Click here for the HP Laser Color Toner Printer Model Chart)

The introduction of the HP Color LaserJet has gained popularity and has become an even greater presence in not only small to medium businesses, but has universally been accepted in the home office.


Getting the Best Price on your HP Color Toner

Most people don't think about their cartridge until it runs out. Then panic ensues and getting the best price takes backseat to getting your printer going again. For those who think ahead and purchase a back up cartridge so that this type of situation doesn't happen then you are afforded a choice of options that can save you money on your printer cartridges. First and foremost is the fact that remanufactured HP Color Toner can and do work at a huge savings. I am not talking about a couple of bucks per cartridge. When I say huge I am meaning half the price of an original HP cartridge. I would recommend you take a look at LaserCartridgePlus.com here you can compare prices between original and compatible. You may even need to print your own checks and they offer MICR Toner for most HP LaserJet printers both Premium New & Compatible HP Color Toner.




Laser Cartridge Plus

HP Color Toner

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