HP MICR Cartridge

HP MICR Cartridge


HP MICR Cartridge is a specially formulated cartridge consisting of MICR which is an abbreviation that stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. MICR toner consists of a high amount of Iron Oxide. This magnetic toner cartridge is used to print exclusive characters at the bottom of your checks. This type of process allows banking institutions to process checks more accurately and quickly. You or your company can help to save a significant amount of money by printing your own checks while controlling the availability of personal banking information.

A lot of people are surprised why an HP MICR Cartridge is so broadly  available in comparison to other brands of laser cartridges. The answer is probably sitting on your desk. No matter what the brand of laser printer you are using MICR Toner is a specially formulated toner that has a higher iron ore content blended in with the regular toner to give a high signal strength when read by a bank reader sorter. When it comes to the availability of the MICR Toner Cartridge the most popular brands are always requested first. When it comes to HP there are over 78 percent of individuals and business' use them over any other printer in the world. When it comes to performance and reliability there are only a couple of brands that are comparable.

Why use a HP MICR Cartridge?

Hewlett Packard has the largest share of users in the world for a reason. Consequently, MICR can be obtained for virtually every single laser printer that HP has produced in the last couple of decades. In modern day sector position, the cartridge needed to have a major perform load. As an example, in business', hospitals and universities, the reliability and volume of use needed to print significant quantities of checks can be quite taxing on any printer. Thankfully, HP laser printers have a prolonged history of great functionality and usability. Buyers can rely on HP to obtain the volume and quality that they are needing to acquire.

Over 78% of all printers in use today are HP printers. The reason is quite clear when you go to find a cartridge for your specific printer. HP has products in every store in every country and continues to support the remanufacturing efforts universally. When it comes to service and repair you won't find the technicians for other brands like you will for HP.

Suitable HP MICR Cartridge

Most individuals usually do not realize that there are many options in the search for an HP MICR Cartridge. What is really amazing is the fact that HP doesn't engage in the production of these cartridges. There are many companies that make recycled cartridges and have a wide selection of HP MICR Cartridges available. But there is really only one company that HP recommends for the reliability of their product while maintaining a high level of quality and that is Laser Cartridge Plus, Inc. They have produced and made available not only generic, but also new HP MICR Cartridges for over 17 years. There are many companies that produce HP MICR Cartridges, but not all cartridges are created equal. For the banking industry all over the country to rely on Laser Cartridge Plus, Inc. for all of their HP MICR Cartridge needs then that has to tell you something.


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HP MICR Cartridge


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