MICR stands for magnetic ink character recognition and is the standard for check processing in the banking industry. What most people don't comprehend is the fact that when you say MICR Ink that there is nothing associated with the fact that there is no ink. The main component of MICR is actually an additional amount of Iron Oxide added to regular toner to make a high signal strength of MICR so that the automated check processing equipment in a bank can automatically read the routing and check number of the checks that it processes. Most people will disagree when it is time to buy MICR and will argue the fact that their inkjet machine should be able to print checks because it uses ink. In reality the most common and widely used cartridge is a toner based application and has nothing to do with ink.

Manufacturers of MICR

When it comes to the manufacturers of MICR it has widely been unavailable to the common buyer. Most major manufacturers have not capitalized on this industry because it has not been what they would consider popular. While the remanufacturing side of the industry has made it a main staple and worth it's weight in gold, a lot of manufacturers have used the term as black cocaine. As oddly as this sounds the reasoning behind such a term was the fact that Russian Mobs started a highly prohibited profession of duplicating major brand name packaging and the production of printer cartridges as knock off originals instead of selling drugs like cocaine because they found that they could make more money selling cartridges with a higher profit margin than the drugs that they were currently selling.


Not all MICR is created equal

When it comes to the purchase of MICR you have to be aware of the reputation of the company you buy your MICR from. There are many companies out there claiming to have the best product on the market, when in reality there are no guidelines to go by. When you are seeking a company to purchase MICR from you need to always keep in mind that not all products are created equal. It just makes good sense that a little due diligence can go along way and avoiding bank service fees (that can rack up thousands of dollars) might be avoided with a little research.



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