moviesGoing to the theater to see a movie is a romantic treat nowadays for most teens. What about the adults? Going to see a good movie at the theater is often more of a hassle than a pleasure, especially if you sit behind a talker. The price of tickets, popcorn and drinks can often leave couples of all ages in a budget dilemma. When the movies were cool was back in the days of the drive in movie theaters. All of the teens would congregate around the concession stand and you could always find alone time with your girl in your car with a speaker attached to the window. Now that times have changed you have to always be alert of your surroundings when going to a theater. Gone are the days of good innocent fun and replaced with look-a-like villains that only want to re-enact the scenes on the big screen and play villain for a moment in the spot light.

There are still plenty of fun for movie goers all around the world. Having that first date, buying your popcorn and sodas, finding a nice quiet seat and enjoying a deafening action movie that gets reactions from everyone in the theatre. But there are so many choices today on how you can watch a good movie. The days of going to a theater for just a movie are gone. Going to a theater can be expensive and troubling for some. But you don't have to go. Today you have a multitude of ways of watching your movies at home.


Finding the Best Movies

There are many alternatives to watching movies that don't cost as much as actually going to the theater. First and foremost is the arrival of the digital age. Unlike the golden days of limited TV programming that was received by tall aluminum antennas has now been replaced with the do everything cable companies. Hi definition with unlimited channels are now the standard in most households and can be utilized with just a little planning.


Online Movies are a Better Value

online moviesWith the advent of live streaming from computer systems even your DVD player can allow the streaming of most movies right in your own home. And don't forget that there still are services like Netflix and Blockbuster that can make your night at the movies more enjoyable.

With just a little planning and some well thought out shopping you can take advantage of a more private and enjoyable evening at home with that special someone that will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Have you been looking for the best places to find the best movie torrents which are reliable and safe? If you searched on google, you would have definitely stumbled upon many different torrents for your desired movie but the hard part is choosing which torrent to download from? As you do decide to download randomly from among these torrents, you will surely come across torrents which have viruses. This is the problem that is most likely encountered by many people so I decided to make a list of sites from which you can download the latest movie torrents without having to worry about viruses.

Now, the best method that I would suggest to you to find the latest movie torrents and to be sure they are 100% safe, is to join a good private torrent site. A private torrent site is one, in which you are not able to download torrents unless you are a member and you must maintain a minimum ratio of data downloaded and uploaded. These limits ensure fast torrent speeds as well as virus-free torrents. A couple that come to mind are moviex and bitsoup. Bitsoup has registrations open so you should sign up before they close again.

1. NowTorrents NowTorrents is a great place to find the latest and safest movie torrents. There is a small showcase of the latest movies on the front page as well which includes the trailer and subtitles for movies as well. You can easily search for any movie you want through their real-time torrent search engine which displays results sorted in decreasing order of seeds, so you will find the fastest torrents at the top. You can also look at the popular searches made in previous days. NowTorrents also detects and removes fake torrents from appearing in search results. There is also plugin available for both firefox and internet explorer that allows you to quickly search for movie torrents.

2. PizzaTorrent PizzaTorrent is another great torrent search engine to find movie torrents quickly. Their home page lists the popular searches made. The best part about this search engine is that the results are sorted in categories like games, movies, music, anime, etc. The results are neatly displayed and there is no advertising on their site yet. You can sort results according to seeds, peers, and size. PizzaTorrent is an easy way to search for your required movie torrents. Just like NowTorrents, you can install the plugin for searching as well.

3. IsoHunt - This list would be incomplete without the best torrent search engine on the net today. Isohunt indexes millions of torrents from thousands of the most popular torrent sites and displays the results according to number of seeds. The user base is also very engaging and you will find comments on many of the torrents which will eradicate any chance of a torrent being fake or having a virus.

4. TorrentScoop - TorrentScoop is a torrent search engine powered by google co-op. The results are quite impressive but you are not able to view seeds, peers, etc.

5. CompleTorrent - CompleTorrent is quite similar to TorrentScoop and is powered by google co-op as well. The unique thing about CompleTorrent is that you can search within different categories which makes your results more acccurate.






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