Ad Stomper - Russellville, AR

Ad Stomper brings a whole new idea to advertising. Based out of Russellville, AR Ad Stomper provides it's customers with the ability to be seen by everyone moving about in a vehicle. This new concept in advertising brings your custom message to the customer time and time again. You just can't help to look and read the large 5' x 10' scrolling message on the side of an attractive Ad Stomper diesel truck. Statistics have proven that seeing a moving billboard attracts your attention but potential customers in the vehicle remembers the ad 74 percent of the time.

Why Ad Stomper?

It is important to get your message across in a creative and memorable way. Ad Stomper serves up 3 sides of a diesel truck, each side is 5' x 10' and the back door is a whopping 5' x 5'. You will see a difference in the quality graphic message in the day time, but at night it is lit up like a television set and potential customers just can't help but to look. It has been proven that Ad Stomper can increase your retail traffic by as much as 107 percent and only costs a fraction of traditional advertising.

Ad Stomper just works!

It is no wonder why Ad Stomper is preferred 87 percent over any other traditional advertising. The power is in the truck, once you see the Ad Stomper truck all of your questions are answered and don't think that it just sits. The Ad Stomper truck moves about the city and outlining areas of target for over 55 hours a week. No other advertising will be seen the number of times the Ad Stomper truck ads are seen for the same price.


Interested in Advertising with Ad Stomper?

Just call 1-888-99-STOMP

"Stomp Your Competition in the Ground"






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