Davoice - Time for a wedding

Weddings used to be small intimate affairs, with only close family and friends invited. Not only are small weddings more personal for all concerned, they are substantially less expensive. The number of people invited to many weddings today has expanded to numbers beyond what could have been previously imagined.

Extended guests list can include relatives of relatives that you have never seen and quite honestly are never likely to see again. Friends from decades ago that you havenít from or see suddenly get an invite; before you know it you have several hundred attending.

The problem with inviting this number of guests is firstly the cost; supplying food and drink works out to be about $40 per head on average, plus you have to get a venue to fit them all in. Secondly, you are never going to get to talk to all the guests. You may say hi when you greet them at the reception entrance, but after that you probably wonít get to talk with them throughout the rest of the day. They will probably huddle in a corner of the reception area and may even spend the time clock watching because they feel out of place or even left out.

If you have a budget set aside for a traditional wedding, but donít want all the people, then make it a small intimate romantic affair. You get to invite your closest family and friends and everyone will get on and know each other and be a part of the whole ceremony. If any of your family or friends gets upset, then itís easy to explain your reasoning.
Additionally, a small wedding means a smaller venue, less expense on food and drink, fewer flowers and far less stress. You only have to worry about a handful of people, rather hundreds and you know no one will get left out.





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