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search engine optimizationYou really don't need to know all that stuff if you just want to have a website. But if you want to rank well have good page rank and compete at the highest level then yes you need to know all that stuff. I like to work with fundamentals because this is what makes the whole internet work. My wife on the other hand can't seem to get your mind focused on fundamentals so she works with mainly the technical side of website development. Now you will get an argument started if you try to get one of us to say who gets the most ranking factors to help get that paged ranked high on the search engines. But the one true thing that both of us will agree on is the fact that I am the one that makes money with our projects. That is because I use a solid fundamental approach whereas she is constantly looking for a technical issue that is causing her to fail to make money.

On Page Search Engine Optimization

Don't mistake the fact that both technical and fundamental work is needed on a successful website but still I believe that a fundamental approach to web design is much more successful than the technical aspect of a website. Now everyone knows that fundamental approaches won't get a credit card processed. But you won't need that service if no one sees the website in the first place. Fundamentals control the navigation and when you can control navigation then you have the ability to control page rank. Fundamentals will allow others to link to your website using anchored keywords where the technical approach would allow your RSS feed to be published across a wide variety of websites that syndicate your feed to the rest of the world. So both work well together and rely on each other heavily to achieve a common goal but you need to have strong fundamentals to keep from damaging your technical side of your website.

Off Page Search Engine Optimization

Working with specific products are considered long tail keywords. When you work with these keywords you need to research deeper to determine if these keywords are financially worth the effort. Take a keyword like HP MICR Toner for instance. This is a specialized niche market in MICR for check printing. The other factor is the name brand recognition of HP. Since HP is one of the largest companies in the world selling printer cartridges you can only assume that they also sell MICR. So just a little research will prove that it is indeed a nice niche in a fairly lucrative market.

Working locally has been overlooked so many times it is not even funny anymore. The concept of being on the internet is so overwhelming to most business owners that they actually forget to work on the local business first. My new years resolution this year was to work on my local market and see to it that the business owners were found under our local city of Russellville AR so that anyone typing a search in our town would find their business. The obvious is not always the path that most marketers follow, but it should be.



  search engine optimization


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