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social media marketingSocial Media Marketing is not a craze that so many people have become accustomed to when getting on networks of social media sites. Social Media Marketing is the act of actually going out and signing up to social media sites with the intent of advertising a business, product, service or website. But to be successful with social media marketing you would first have to have a good grasp on the network site itself. Most of the social media sites have a way to setup particular business pages so that a company can put their business information on that page, separating the users profile from the actual business page. Once the business page has been established then the user will want to optimize the page so that the search engines will be able to rank the page high in the search engines.

Today internet marketing is being replaced with social media marketing and the search engines are starting to take this into account when they rank websites. Social media has its place within the search engine ranking factors. As a matter of fact today 7 out of 8 of the most relevant Google ranking factors are social media signals. If you would like to know more about what the most updated Google Ranking Factors are then you can grab a FREE copy here of Ultimate Google Ranking Factors.

There are really only four social media networks that are showing up as powerful search engine ranking factors. There is a fifth lurking in the shadows and has had the most increase of users than all others in the past year, but because of it's huge growth the network hasn't released updates for the search engines that users can implement into apps. But it would behoove you to setup accounts with the following top 5 social media networks and start establishing your social media marketing campaigns.

Of course when it comes to Google ranking factors the top of the social media networks would be considered its own and that is Google Plus. Google ranks Google Plus at the top of the list when it comes to relevant content and what will show in its results first. I actually have done extensive testing and yes Google Plus post feeds showed up the fastest and highest ranked out of all of my subjects of the test. The second highest ranked social media site was Facebook then came Twitter. The fourth spot was again given to Google's YouTube channel and then Pinterest.

Now some will argue that Linkedin should be fifth and I would agree, except for the fact that out of all the social media sites Pinterest has grown the most over the year. You can also chalk up the fact that Linkedin is in a huge law suit and over 48% of business owners have had orders generated from referrals on Pinterest.


Social Media Advertising

It comes as no surprise that social media advertising has grown at such a phenomenal rate. Good business owners will always fish for customers at the sites that potential customers can be found. When you have so many potential customers at certain sites then you really have to throw a hook in there and then just change up the bait from time to time. When it comes to effective social media advertising on these network sites you have to be creative and captivating. To really achieve results while implementing good social media advertising techniques then a user must be engaging.

Does your business connect? Social media is big enough to rival or even eclipse the search engines. This form of advertising has quickly emerged as one of the most effective and popular ways to generate business, and the results can be immediate. Taking advantage of social media isn't a one time process, it requires constant maintenance and participation. Business blogs are important tools in a social media advertising campaign, as they are necessary to manage an identity and positively influence, inform and entice potential customers.



Social Media for business

If you have a product, service, website or business then it would certainly benefit you to use social media for business. When these social media networks first start out they concentrate on getting users and having them engaged. As the network grows then they all look to commercialize them and work towards profitability. When a network looks to commercialize the website the door becomes open for small and large business access. Often the pioneers of the network will have the upper hand until a guide is available for others to use.

To run an effective social media advertising campaign, a business needs fresh, informative content supplied from a business blog. This will attract and engage users and enable the business to participate in the social community. Traffic generated from these sites is extremely targeted, but is in the learning stage of the buying process. For this reason, itís necessary to tread lightly in these networks. Instead of pushing a product or service, itís more important to inform and teach, so the audience relates to the business on their level and considers them a source of information rather than a marketer. Once the audience does convert, the results can make a business.




Social Media Marketing with Derek Willis


social media marketing


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