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work from homeSearching for jobs you can do from home used to be a matter of scanning the Sunday classifieds for offers to get rich quick by stuffing envelopes.

Now, exposure to at-home employment opportunities has exploded, and a wide range of job ads are just a mouse click away. But so are the scams.

Two years ago, when The Rat Race Rebellion began tracking at-home jobs, there were 30 scams for every legitimate opportunity. Now, with 4,500 to 5,000 work-at-home job ads screened weekly, the Web site finds 57 phonies for every one that's for real, says Christine Durst, CEO of The Rat Race Rebellion.

Nevertheless, there's no shortage of people who dream of beating the odds and earning a living from home.

Durst, who is also CEO of Connecticut-based Staffcentrix, which develops home-based and virtual career training programs, says people interested in work-at-home jobs primarily are:

It's difficult to be a good parent and simultaneously work well at home, says Durst, because most jobs require blocks of uninterrupted time to accomplish tasks, and children's schedules are less than predictable. For those who do choose to walk the tightrope between paid work and parenting, consider deadline-oriented work. Durst says it's generally better for those with younger children than schedule-oriented hourly work.

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How to Work from Home

how to work from homeDespite all the stories youíve heard, the hardest part of working from home isnít putting on pants every day.

Iíve been working from home, a few different homes, since late 2007. And the biggest thing I've learned during those four years is that working from home doesnít have to change how you get work done, but it does change nearly everything else about your gig. When there are hard, regular deadlines and a constant flow of work, it is just like being at an office--with the added advantage that nobody else is there to interrupt my train of thought with an impromptu visit. And then there were times when I nearly broke down and told the boss the truth about why that weeklong project was in such sad shape: Because just when I need to focus it becomes clear that there are a lot of interesting links to look at on the Internet. Like this one.

I'm far from the only person to have confronted the joys and challenges of telecommuting. So I asked a few productive work-from-homers what they would do differently, if they could go back in time and reboot their office. Hereís a bit of home-working hindsight that might help you out the next time youíre going to work from home, whether it's for a day or a career.

Itís one of far too many great quotes from Proposition Joe in The Wire, and great advice for getting more done at home.

Dressing for work and "arriving" on time, eating lunch on a rigid schedule, shaving, brushing, and so on seems pointless at first. But not doing these basic preparations is the start of a steep, Teflon-coated slope to all kinds of other transgressions. If youíre not dressed well enough to greet the UPS delivery person, youíre giving yourself license to hide. If youíre hiding, then you imagine nobody can see Netflix open on your second monitor. On and on it goes, until you spend a two-hour lunch watching Portlandia on your couch with your iPad, grabbing your way through a bag of kettle chips. After that you'll try and fake your way through an afternoon of self-loathing busywork.

Itís not clever psychological trickery. Itís having respect for the work you do, wherever you do it. John Herrman, tech writer and assistant editor at Popular Mechanics, suggested in a Twitter chat that it's almost like treating your working self's worst tendencies like a prisoner of war, or maybe someone suffering from grief: Keeping up rituals, routines, and appearances is how you train yourself to do your work when you're supposed to, and set aside the fun stuff for after hours.

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Take for instance: accident insurance sure you may be working from home, but there is always an accident around the corner.

Spend less time relaxing just to Work from Home

When you're in an office, you'll occasionally wish for fewer distractions, more privacy, and for Todd in acquisitions to find a job somewhere else. When you've been working from home at a frantic clip, you'll start to realize how much you miss talking to somebody other than your dog, having a good excuse to get up from your desk, and sharing in the struggle of other workers with intolerable bosses. And you start to fear you're heading toward the social condition depicted by The Oatmeal.

So schedule some regular out-of-home social times. When those sometimes fall through, youíll realize the value of "batching" your online social time. It's very tempting to keep a Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ tab open at all times, along with Reddit, Hacker News, and other forums and fast-moving link-based sites. When they're always open, they're the equivalent of distracting coworkers, constantly shifting your attention away to complaints, jokes, gossip, and "Did you see..." discussions--the kind of stuff that makes it hard to get work done at work. You also come to appreciate them less, and they become more of a utility.

As geeky as it sounds, then, put your two or three "social breaks" right on your daily agenda or calendar. Don't open social or addictive news sites until that time. Breaking the habit will be hard at first, so try a tool like RescueTime to literally block yourself from your impulses and enforce your segmented work and play times. But there are things like ecommerce solutions that can tend to make you more profitable when you utilize these solutions properly.



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