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42mm Metal Tripod Quick Release Plate for Promaster, Hakuba, Ambico

42mm Metal Tripod Quick Release Plate for Promaster, Hakuba, Ambico

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tripod quick release plate

vivitar v3000 quick release plate

42mm (1-5/8") Base - Tripod Quick Release Plate Replacement for:

  • Allegro ALG1153, ALG1154 Tripods and Allegro ALG1167 but only with the QB157 Head
  • Ambico V-0550 V-0551 V-0552 V-0553 V-0554 Fluid Head Tripods ONLY (Has bubble level on tripod head, see pictures for reference) PLEASE MEASURE your Ambico tripod head, see pictures for example of correct tripod and the measurements. This is for the FLUID TYPE HEAD ONLY (Does not fit the Non-Fluid Head).
  • AMBICO TRIPODS - PLEASE NOTE: There is about a 5% possibility you will find the plate is BARELY too big and does not fit the Ambico Tripods listed here, but do not worry. By "barely too big" I mean just a "hair" too tight to fit. The problem is due to a "bad" batch of Ambico tripods with a manufacturing specification that was off slightly. The easy fix is to to file off / sand off a tiny bit of the tripod opening where the plate goes. By removing just the slightest amount of plastic, it will fit into the tripod head and work great. (Please note that this is a metal plate).
  • Celestron Trailseeker 82050 Tripod
  • Hakuba HD301, S-3500, S-3500-HK, S-4500, S-4500-HK, S-6000, S-6000-HK, T-3500, T-3500HK, TBK-500 Tripods
  • Kalimar Pro-Tech V-40 Tripod with V40 Photo/Video Fluid Type Head, Pro-Tech V-60 & V-80 Tripod with Fluid Type Head
  • LUFT HSP-55V
  • Promaster Travel Tripod 4, GX-6300, GX-6400, SystemPro 6030, 6100, 6160 Ball Head, 6160 Pan Head, 6200 6800FW, 7100, 7150, 7400, 7450 Tripods, Featherweight Series 29T Head, FW29T Head (Plate Replaces Part # 2965)
  • Slik F630 / F730 / F740 / F133 / F143 / F153 / F163 / F631 / F741 / F831 / SC 204 video / FX 630 / FX 640 Tripods. (Replaces Part # 6222 / 618-738 / 8803)
  • Sony VCT-1500L Tripod Metal Heavy Duty VCT1500L
  • Smith-Victor 720H Tripod and VPH80 Hybrid Head VPH-80
  • Sunpak MaxiPro Plus (Replaces Part # 620-783)
  • Vanguard PH-111 Ball Head, PH-111v Video Head
  • Velbon E535D, E543D, E635D, E643D, EX-430, EX-440, EX-530, EX-540, EX-630, EX-640, EX-888, N535D, N543D, N635D, N643D, Ultra LUXi F, L, M, Ultrek UT43D, UT43D II, UT45L, UT53D, UT63D, Z-4900F (Replaces Part # QB-46 / QB-62 / QB-145 / QB-145B)
  • Velbon Heads: FHD-65D, PH-145, PH-145Q, PHD-41Q, PHD-42, PHD-42Q, PHD-52Q, PHD-55D, PHD-62Q, PHD-65D, QHD-53D, QHD-63Q, QHD-65D, PH-157Q Head
  • Velbon Sherpa 200R, 250, 250N, 250R, 450, 450N, 450R, 600, 600N, 600R, 750, 750N, 750R, 800R, 888R, 1000, 4330D, 4350D, 4370D, 5350D, 5370D, 5430D, 5470D, 6350D, 6380D, 6430D Tripods (Replaces Part # QB-157 K / QB-157 / QB-62)
  • Velbon Quick Release Adapters: RUP-43, QRA-5
  • Vivitar V3000 Metal Full Size Tripod


Base Size: 42mm x 42mm (1-5/8" square base) - This measurement is IMPORTANT - If your tripod head does not have this measurement, then it is not compatible with your tripod. Also check the list of compatible tripods above.

Top Size, where camera sits: 51.5mm x 51.5mm (2.03" x 2.03")

Weight: 42g

The top of the QR plate: Outside dimensions are 51.5mm x 51.5mm (2.03" x 2.03") at the widest point for the top where the camera attached to.

Universal 1/4 inch Camera Mounting Screw fits most cameras and camcorders (and cell phone tripod adapters, sold separately).

QR plates attach to the tripod mount on your camera and allow you to quickly and easily attach and detach your camera or device from a compatible tripod head.

Having extra QB-6E quick release qr plate - quick release plates means you can quickly swap cameras or devices with the same tripod head.

Lets you easily remove your camera or device from your tripod.

1 x DaVoice Quick Release Plate (QR Plate QB-6E)

This is a DaVoice brand QR Plate. Any use of other brand names or models is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility.


See product description.


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