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44mm Quick Release Plate for AmazonBasics 60" Tripod

44mm Quick Release Plate for AmazonBasics 60" Tripod

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tripod quick release plate

tripod adapter

44mm Tripod Quick Release Plate Replacement for:

  • AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Silver Tripod ONLY (DOES NOT FIT the 50-Inch rose gold version)
  • Ambico V0556 and V0557 Non-Fluid Head ONLY (Will fit certain V0555 Non-Fluid, please measure, WILL NOT replace 45-0555)
  • Davis & Sanford EXPLORERV Vista Explorer 60” Tripod
  • Digital Concepts TR-60N Tripods (OLDER, 1st Generation ONLY, PLEASE MEASURE) Also fits TP-TR66 Tripods
  • Dynex 60" 60L Tripod model DX-TRP60 (DXTRP60) Tripod UPC # 600603110931
  • Opteka OPT7000 74-inch Tripod
  • Polaroid 72" Tripod, PLTR72, PL-TR72, PLTRI72, PLTRI72S, PLTRI75 Tripods
  • Ravelli APLT4, APLT6 Tripods/Monopods
  • Sony VCT-VPR1, VCT-D580RM, VCT-D640RM, VCT-D670RM, VCT-D680RM, VCT-R640, VCT-60AV, VCT-80AV Tripods
  • Sunpak Platinum Plus 5858D 5858DLX 6630LX 6630DX 6630DLX Tripod (3rd Generation ONLY - PLEASE MEASURE carefully as there were 3 DIFFERENT models labeled 5858D and this quick release plate ONLY FITS THE NEWEST VERSION - UPC# 090729611410, 5858DLX UPC# 090729613278) Replaces Part # 620-752 / 620-758 / 620-752
  • Sunpak 2001UT (Black Tripod ONLY, DOES NOT FIT the Champagne Colored 2001UT Tripod, which takes our 35mm plate instead)
  • Targus TGT-58TR and TG-6660TR Tripods (TGT-BK58T, TG-58TR, & TGT-66TR, TGT-58TR-QRP, TGT-BK58T-QRP, TG-6660TR-QRP) AND
  • Targus MX2000P (IT MUST say MX2000P in the tripod head opening where the quick release plate goes, Fits the QRP-CP-10 Panhead - Replaces Part # QRP-CP10 - DOES NOT FIT MX2000 - PLEASE MEASURE)
  • Takama 61" Tripod
  • Velbon CX-404, CX-430, CX-440, CX-444, CX-460, CX-460mini, CX-470, CX-544, CX-570, CX-590, CX-690, CX-888, CX-mini, DF-10, DF-10MF, DF-10ML, DF-40, DF-50, DF-MINI, Maxi 34, T-3500, 5000, V5000 (DOES NOT fit S5000) UP-4DXII, Videomate 400, 404, Videomate 504 Tripods - The QR shoe is also designed to be used with the Velbon PH-249Q and PH-259 Pan Head.
  • Vivitar TR-75, VPT1200, VPT2400, VPT3600, V2200GX, V2400GX, V2800GX Tripods
  • Vivitar VPT120SE, VPT240SE, VPT360SE Tripods - SE Models ONLY - Replaces Part # QR2 / QR3 NLA (if you see two 'notches' in the tripod head opening where the plate is inserted, this is the WRONG plate.)


Base Size: 44mm x 44mm (1-3/4" square base) - This measurement is IMPORTANT - If your tripod head does not have this measurement, then it is not compatible with your tripod. Also check the list of compatible tripods above.

Top Size: Length 64mm (2.52") x Width 50mm (1.97")

Weight: 26g

No coin or screwdriver is needed to tighten the screw. The tapered square base that fits into the tripod base is 44mm X 44mm dimensions on the bottom (that fits inside the opening in the mount head of the tripod).

The top of the QR plate: Outside dimensions are 64mm (2.52") x 50mm (1.97") at the widest point for the top where the camera attached to.

Universal 1/4 inch Camera Mounting Screw fits most cameras and camcorders (and cell phone tripod adapters, sold separately). QR plates attach to the tripod mount on your camera and allow you to quickly and easily attach and detach your camera or device from a compatible tripod head. Extra QR plates allow you to conveniently swap out more than one camera or device with the same tripod.

Having extra qb-4w quick release qr plate - quick release plates means you can quickly swap cameras or devices with the same tripod head.


1 x DaVoice QR Plate

This is a DaVoice brand QR Plate. Any use of other brand names or models is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility.


See product description.


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