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Amazonite Tree of Life Copper Rainbow Moonstone Resin Orgone Pyramid

Amazonite Tree of Life Copper Rainbow Moonstone Resin Orgone Pyramid

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Resin Orgone Pyramid with Amazonite Tree of Life with Copper and Rainbow Moonstone Crystal - Organite Pyramids

The virtues of rainbow moonstone encompass a wide range of positive attributes. This enchanting gem is renowned for bringing balance, harmony, and hope into one's life, while also nurturing creativity, compassion, endurance, and inner confidence. With its profound connection to intuition and psychic perception, rainbow moonstone has the ability to reveal hidden truths and provide visions beyond the obvious.

Emotionally, this radiant gem holds a special place, promoting love and emotional equilibrium. Its association with the moon, a symbol of romance and tenderness in various cultures, infuses it with an aura of heartfelt affection. With its calming energies, rainbow moonstone becomes a comforting companion on the journey to inner growth and emotional well-being.

Spiritually, Amazonite serves several purposes:

  1. Enhanced Perspective: This crystal helps individuals to gain insight into various perspectives and see both sides of a problem or situation. It promotes open-mindedness and understanding.
  2. Emotional Healing: Amazonite has a calming effect, making it effective in soothing emotional traumas, worries, and fears. It aids in releasing negative emotions and fosters emotional balance.
  3. Energy Cleansing: By dispelling negative energy and blockages in the nervous system, Amazonite contributes to a sense of renewed vitality and clarity.
  4. Manifesting Universal Love: Amazonite supports the manifestation of universal love, encouraging compassion, empathy, and harmonious connections with others.
  5. In astrology, Amazonite is associated with the Zodiac sign of Virgo and serves as the birthstone for individuals born between the end of August and September. Additionally, it is believed to be beneficial for those born under the signs of Leo, Aries, or Scorpio, potentially enhancing their traits and energies.

* The key characteristics of orgonite pyramids are as follows:

  • Neutralizes harmful radiation, offering orgonite EMF protection for various areas such as phones, homes, offices, and gardens.
  • Clears away negative energy and promotes the generation of positive energy.
  • Facilitates and enhances meditation practices.
  • Supports better, more restful sleep.
  • Alleviates stress and tension.
  • Purifies the living environment, creating a harmonious space.
  • Boosts energy levels, providing a sense of vitality.
  • Balances mood and emotions.
  • Aids in spiritual and psychological growth.
  • Assists in building resistance against health issues and may contribute to overall well-being.

* Materials: Resin, Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Flakes, Amazonite with Copper, Golden Infusion, Glitter, Love

* Size: Approx. 3 inches tall

* Applications: Extraordinary for Reiki, Chakra work, Healing, Home Office Decor, Gift, Meditation, etc.

* Please Note: The real color of the item may be vary slightly from the pictures shown on website due to factors such as brightness of your screen and photo light brightness. Also, each piece is unique and will vary.


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