Lepidolite Crystal Metal Resin Orgone Crystal Merkaba Star Tetrahedron

Lepidolite Crystal Metal Resin Orgone Crystal Merkaba Star Tetrahedron

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Lepidolite Crystal Stones and Metal in Resin, Orgone Crystal Merkaba Star Tetrahedron

Lepidolite possesses unique qualities that make it an ideal tool for dealing with electromagnetic pollution, making it suitable for placement on computers to absorb emanations effectively. Not only does Lepidolite dissipate negativity, but it also serves as an activator and opener of the throat, heart, third eye, and crown chakras, clearing blockages and fostering cosmic awareness.

This versatile stone proves helpful during shamanistic or spiritual journeys, aiding in overcoming economic slumps, whether in personal or business matters. Its influence extends to maintaining equilibrium and a positive outlook even when faced with unpredictable financial markets, akin to a roller coaster ride with funds. With Lepidolite by your side, you can navigate through economic challenges with resilience and balance, retaining a sense of stability and optimism.

* The key characteristics of an orgone crystal merkaba star are as follows:

  • Neutralizes harmful radiation, offering orgonite EMF protection for various areas such as phones, homes, offices, and gardens.
  • The word Merkaba can be translated as "Light = Mer, Spirit = Ka, Body = Ba" it means spirit and body surrounded by Light.
  • A Merkaba shaped crystal appears as a star tetrahedron; a 3-dimensional 8-pointed star made from two triangular pyramids, one pointing up, the other down.It helps you to be receptive to higher guidance.
  • Amplifies, focuses, stores, transforms, energizes.
  • Perfect for focusing affirmations and prayers.
  • Clears away negative energy and promotes the generation of positive energy.
  • Facilitates and enhances meditation practices.
  • Supports better, more restful sleep.
  • Alleviates stress and tension.
  • Purifies the living environment, creating a harmonious space.
  • Boosts energy levels, providing a sense of vitality.
  • Balances mood and emotions.
  • Aids in spiritual and psychological growth.
  • Assists in building resistance against health issues and may contribute to overall well-being.

* Materials: Lepidolite Crystal Stone Flakes put in a Resin Star Tetrahedron, Gold and Copper Flake Mix, Love

* Size: Approx. 2.2 inches tall x 3.75 at widest point. Weight about 7 oz.

* Please Note: The real color of the item may be vary slightly from the pictures shown on website due to factors such as brightness of your screen and photo light brightness. Also, each piece is unique and will vary.


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