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Moss Agate Stone, 3d Star Decor Crystal Merkaba Star Tetrahedron

Moss Agate Stone, 3d Star Decor Crystal Merkaba Star Tetrahedron

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Moss Agate Stone, 3d Star Decor Crystal Merkaba Star Tetrahedron - Solid Gemstone

Moss Agate is renowned for its ability to foster tranquility and emotional equilibrium. It serves as the ideal stone for individuals dealing with intense aggression or overly nurturing emotions, effectively harmonizing male and female energies when they veer to extremes.

This versatile gemstone not only encourages emotional balance but also accelerates recovery from illnesses. Its anti-inflammatory properties benefit the circulatory and elimination systems, while simultaneously boosting the immune system.

Moss Agate is often associated with new beginnings, offering a powerful attraction to abundance and unlocking profound creativity. With its alluring attributes, this stone becomes a catalyst for positive transformation, inspiring a fresh start and igniting the spark of creativity within.

* The key characteristics of a moss agate stone merkaba star are as follows:

  • The word Merkaba can be translated as "Light = Mer, Spirit = Ka, Body = Ba" it means spirit and body surrounded by Light.
  • A Merkaba shaped crystal appears as a star tetrahedron; a 3-dimensional 8-pointed star made from two triangular pyramids, one pointing up, the other down.It helps you to be receptive to higher guidance.
  • Amplifies, focuses, stores, transforms, energizes.
  • Perfect for focusing affirmations and prayers.
  • Clears away negative energy and promotes the generation of positive energy.
  • Facilitates and enhances meditation practices.
  • Supports better, more restful sleep.
  • Alleviates stress and tension.
  • Purifies the living environment, creating a harmonious space.
  • Boosts energy levels, providing a sense of vitality.
  • Balances mood and emotions.
  • Aids in spiritual and psychological growth.
  • Assists in building resistance against health issues and may contribute to overall well-being.

* Materials: Solid Moss Agate Stone Carved into a Star Tetrahedron, Love - High quality authentic earthly mined natural gem stones and minerals.

* Size: - Approx. 1.75 inches tall x 2.9 inches at widest point. Weight about 5.4 oz.

* Please Note: The real color of the item may be vary slightly from the pictures shown on website due to factors such as brightness of your screen and photo light brightness. Also, each piece is unique and will vary.


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