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Orgone Merkaba takes the form of a star octahedron crystal, resembling a three-dimensional 8-pointed star, formed by two triangular pyramidsβ€”one pointing upwards and the other downwards.

As the two triangles spin in different directions, they create a Merkaba star that harmonizes the energies from the Earth (feminine) and the heavens (masculine). This dynamic combination fosters balance within the energy field it generates.

The merkaba serves as a shield of protection while facilitating the expansion of consciousness into higher dimensions. Its shape symbolizes the immense power that can be harnessed when uniting individual energies in pursuit of connection and personal growth. This sacred geometrical form reminds us of our potential to channel energies and ascend to greater spiritual realms.

We offer Orgone Merkaba Star Crystals, Merkaba Crystal Large, as well as Merkaba Stones.